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January 12, 2012

Obama: Why you should vote him in for a second term

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I’ve been watching a lot of attacks against Obama as of late. People are saying that he has made the country worse during his time in office, he’s a socialist, communist and the worst thing a MUSLIM (oh my god hide the kids, wash my mouth out with soap, I just said a dirty word) The fact is Obama is none of these, he cares for the underprivileged people of this country. If that’s being a Socialist or Communist then sign me up.

Now lets say he is a Muslim, WHO THE FUCK CARES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I already know the arguments, “Well Jason Muslims blew up the WTC.” So, was it all Muslims. I don’t remember seeing the muslim that runs the corner store on the news. I saw a small sect of Muslims that fell off the path set by Allah. By the way Christians slaughtered millions if not billions during the crusades and Hitler was a Christian. We all know what he did. I guess the next argument would be well his father was a Muslim that means he is a Muslim. Uhhhhhhh…..Nope wrong again. My father is deadbeat that doesn’t take care of his kids. I’m not. Nor will I ever be. Any way what does it matter what religion the man is? Not liking the man because he might be Muslim is just as bad as not liking him because he’s black.

So I guess it comes down to this. Just the Facts:

1) Job growth This chart says it all, and this only goes up to Nov 2011. Dec was a huge month for job growth. If you want to look at the link here it is. http://articles.businessinsider.com/2011-12-07/politics/30485008_1_unemployment-rate-obama-election-day


2)Unemployment benefits. Under Bush the unemployment benefits lasted 26 weeks. Under Obama they can now last up to 79 weeks depending on where you live. Now the Republicans have fought this at every turn. I understand about fiscal responsibility but come on. How many of you reading this now were or are still receiving unemployment. Now I know it’s not much but could you imagine if it wasn’t there. OK every one say THANK YOU OBAMA.

3) Healthcare or as it is more commonly known as Obamacare. How many people reading this have been stuck at one time or another without insurance? I have. IT SUCKS!!!! When I left to go to school I had no insurance, guess what I got hit by a car while riding my bike. I wasn’t seriously hurt but I had a nasty gash on my leg. I chose to walk to a vet rather than go to a hospital.  A VET!!!! They treat animals at the vet. I paid $20 and got bandaged up and went on my way. Then a month later I was in a car accident and had to go to the hospital. $4000 for a neck brace. They never got paid. Now if I had insurance they would have gotten paid and all would have been fine. Now thanks to Obama this will happen.

4)Bail out Wallstreet. Now I will admit I didn’t agree with this one but it worked. If not for this bailout the world economy would have been worse. Not just the US the world. We would have gone into a world depression, a major depression.

Now these are just what I say are the top things that he has done. But now lets look at our alternatives.

1) Mitt Romney – This is a man who seemingly prides himself on the fact that he was a CEO of Bain & Company and later co-founded and was the head of  Bain Capital. Now Bain Capital is a private equity investment firm. This company was another company that played a part in the collapse of our economy, not a huge part but it still played a part. Now ask your self do you want a Wallstreet CEO sitting in the Whitehouse, who thinks that corporations are people too.  (yes that is an actual quote from Mitt)

Lets look at some his views.

His health care model was the basis for “Obamacare”. The same thing he is promising to repeal if elected. Isnt this the same as saying the plan I proposed is not good enough. Here is some of his quotes on healthcare.

No FEDERAL individual mandate; but state mandate ok.

ObamaCare waivers on Day One; repeal bill on Day Two.

Now correct me if I’m wrong. Is this not saying the same thing. If your against the mandate then your against the mandate. But wait he not against the mandate. This is from Wikipedia.

The Massachusetts health care insurance reform law, St. 2006, c.58,[1][2], aka Romneycare,[3] enacted in 2006, mandates that nearly every resident of Massachusetts obtain a state-government-regulated minimum level of healthcare insurance coverage

So you are perfectly fine with a mandate. Which one is it Mitt.

He is dead set against Gay/lesbian marriage.

Constitutional amendment defining 1-man-1-woman marriage. This was a failed attempt in March 07

He wants to change the constitution to back same-sex marriage illegal. So some one tell me why Gay/lesbians deserve any less than their straight counterparts. Maybe we should ban interracial marriage too, it does go against some people’s morals.

So in a nutshell we have a candidate that was a CEO of a Wallstreet corp, thinks corporations are people too, wants to take healthcare away from people, and trample over civil rights and tell women what they can and cannot do with their bodies. Sounds like a winner to me.

2) Newt Gingrich – What to say about this man. Hear is a man who wants to do away with the child labor laws and thinks that poor people have no work ethic. And I quote:

“Really poor children in really poor neighborhoods have no habits of working and have nobody around them who works,”

“They have no habit of ‘I do this and you give me cash’–unless it’s illegal.”

Almost two weeks ago Gingrich called laws preventing child labor “truly stupid” and suggested students take the jobs of many janitors.

Gingrich added that most successful businesspeople he knows started work “early” and made some kind of money when they were kids, whether it was by babysitting or mowing lawns.

“And I’d pay them as early as is reasonable and practical,” he said Thursday.

OK Newt, I understand about the mowing lawns and babysitting, but that is a far cry from doing janitorial work. Then you don’t even bother to specify an age. So what I’m supposed to have my 9yr old sitting in an office after school. Where does time to be a kid figure into this or how about homework Newt? Also these comments seem to say that only poor people from poor neighborhoods commit crimes. Does the name Bernie Madoff ring a bell, or how about Ted Bundy, Jeffery Domer. These were all rich or middle class people.

Lets look at some more of Newt’s views.

Gingrich told a town hall meeting at a senior center in Plymouth, N.H., that if the NAACP invites him to its annual convention this year, he’d go there and talk about “why the African-American community should demand paychecks and not be satisfied with food stamps.”

Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich said today he is willing to go before the NAACP and urge blacks to demand paychecks, not food stamps.

Gingrich routinely lambasts President Barack Obama as the “best food stamp president in American history.”

Now as a black man from a black neighborhood I do take offence to this. I was out of work for over a month. I needed food stamps and I did demand a paycheck. In a month I sent out well over 100 resumes. My job was to look for a job. I knew plenty of people on food stamps that were not happy to be on food stamps, but guess what, they happy to get food stamps. These comments go to show how out of touch Newt is with the world today. Your telling us (black folk) to demand jobs when there just arent enough jobs to go around. I don’t know anyone who is happy to be poor. Thank God that Obama is the best “foodstamp”president. There are millions out of work and you know Newt we do need to eat.

In my opinion nothing else needs to be said about Newt. If he gets in Office our kids will be in some sort of sweat shop very soon and there will be more starving people in the country because it seems like he wants to get rid of welfare.

Ron Paul – Now I will say some of Ron Paul’s ideas I do agree with, but others are way out there. Lets look at some of his views.

Embryonic stem cell programs not constitutionally authorized

Roe v. Wade decision was harmful to the Constitution.

Voted NO on allowing human embryonic stem cell research.

Voted NO on making it a crime to harm a fetus during another crime.

Abortion is murder.

Well your against stem cell research. Your against the research that could potentially cure cancer, cure paralysis, MS, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, etc….. Let me guess it’s just Gods will. Look at  his voting record on abortion and what he says. Something does not add up. You voted no to make it a crime to harm a fetus during another crime but you say abortion is murder. That does not make sense. Now lets take a look at some of his quotes.

As for Social Security, “we didn’t have it until 1935,” Paul says. “I mean, do you read stories about how many people were laying in the streets and dying and didn’t have medical treatment? . . . Prices were low and the country was productive and families took care of themselves and churches built hospitals and there was no starvation.”

“Is bailing out people who chose to live on the coastline a proper function of the federal government?” he asks. “Why do people in Arizona have to be robbed in order to support the people on the coast?” (Talking about bailing out the people of Katrina)

Wow. Just WOW. Really Ron? Have you heard of a little time called the Great Depression? You know extreme poverty, soup lines, 25% unemployment, government aid….. So you also want to get rid of Social security. You know how many people NEED SS? That is their only income and it looks like you want to get rid of it. But what can I expect from someone who thinks he’s being robbed by helping a victim of a natural disaster.

So lets recap. I covered 3 of the GOP candidates. These seem to be the most likely to win the nomination. So here are your choices. A Wallstreet CEO who wants to take away healthcare. A man so out of touch with the common person that he thinks it OK to have poor kids working as a janitor and thinks that black are perfectly fine with receiving food stamps instead of working. Or the guy who thinks that no one was starving during the great depression and that it fine to let people fend for them selves in a disaster. Hmmmmmm I think I’ll take the Socialist, Communist, Muslim that has created many jobs, helping those who lost their job and trying to make sure no one goes broke while they seek medical treatment.


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