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January 10, 2012

To attempt to set the record straight.

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It has come to my attention that some people think I am bad mouthing God in my posts. I am doing no such thing. I am bad mouthing the bible not God. People you have to learn to separeate the 2. The whole point of these post is not say God is evil or does not exist, but to say in my opinion the bible is not the word of God. It is nothing more than a collection of stories written by man based loosely on truth being passed off as divine and was/is used for slavery.
I’m hearing arguments for the bible like well that was the old testament, times are different now. I gave several verses in the bible that supposedly came from Jesus’s own mouth that said the old testament still stands. (Check The Bible: what it says about Women)

As for the notion that times are different now so things don’t apply, that’s insane. How can you call yourself a Christian and say the book of laws and conduct no longer apply in certain situations because of the year?



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