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January 25, 2012

Obama: What He Has Done Wrong

I want to first point out that I am a Obama supporter, but that does not mean that he has been a perfect president. He has laid the foundation for future generations to come and build on. On the other side Obama has (at least in my eyes) made some rather serious mistakes during his tenure as president.

Illegal Immigration:

The DREAM Act – While this act doe s seem to offer some promise what it actually is doing is encouraging illegal immigrants to come to this country with their children before the bill gets passed. I’m all for giving people a chance but if you came to this country illegally then you broke the law knowingly or unknowingly. Ignorance of the law is no excuse. If you want to come to this country than there are rules you need to follow. What services do you bring or are you going to be a burden on our country. Another consequence of this bill is, if the minor is under the age of 18 and found to be in the country illegally then what happens to his parents if he is allowed to stay. The answer is they get to stay.

In my line of work I have come across many people born and raised in different countries, do you know what all of them had in common? They all came here the right way. There are many ways that someone may get into this country. You have student Visas, work Visas, Hell my ex-wife came here illegally but still got her green card (before I married her) So If you have been in this country for years and you have not learned the language, or even attempted to get a greencard then you need to leave. Your lazy and we have enough lazy people here already.

The Fix:

If we want to fix illegal immigration then here is what you do. Pass a federal law that states unless the child going to school has a SSN then they cannot attend school. Pass another federal law that makes companies have to pay a huge fine ( like $500,000 +) per undocumented worker. Expedite the deportation process.

On the flip side I think that since we do have so many illegals here already one quick fix if they want their citizenship, if they qualify for military service then they should do 4yrs of service with full citizenship status after 4 successful years of service. You can stream line the process of getting your greencard/citizenship for those who have received their work visas or student visas. After 4 years of study/work in this country then the process is complete. If you graduate college with a 4 yr degree or better than you are automatically a citizen. This will give illegals something to work toward and root out the ones that don’t want to do anything. Right now the system is to lax on illegals.

Economic Collapse:

Yes Obama inherited this F.U.B.A.R. (for those of you who do not know: Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition) of an economic mess from George W. Bush. But that does not mean he had to try the same exact methods to fix it. For godsakes Obama you were against the bailouts in the first go around but then you turned around and did the exact same thing. Now I know the bailouts worked to some degree but you made the exact same mistake that predecessor made. You put no restrictions on what the banks could and could not do with the money.  All the banks did was to pay out huge bonuses to their executives that put us in this mess and then horde the money for themselves. I know the money was meant to go to the small businesses but you gave them the money with no strings attached. All you said was pay it back and some of them have yet to do that. Many companies went under because the money you gave the banks was not given to the small businesses and this only served to further worsen the crisis. It was only when the banks realized oh shit we have to give some of this money away or they would still fail because the people would take action did they start giving away.

The Fix:

Simple, hold companies liable for their past and future actions. Stop letting companies get “to big to fail” Our economic wellbeing should not lie on the backs of a handful of international companies. If we continue that practice then we are doomed to failure.

National Defense Authorization Act: 

Where do I start with this one. You have given the United States Military the right to detain American Citizens indefinitely. WTF PREZ. Detain our own people because they are suspected of having ties with terrorist. Well what qualifies as suspected ties. Some one who shakes hands with a terrorist, or how about uses the same bank, lives on the same block. This is a very slippery slope. Who determines if these ties are real.
The real issue here is the blanent disregard of our highest law, This law is a slap in the face every American citizen natural born or not. It’s bad enough that we have to look over our shoulders because of the patriot act but now we have to worry about the U.S. Army kicking in our door because u think we support terrorist. Then on top of that you take away one of the main rights that our brave young men and women have died for. The right to due process. That is a spit in the face of the American people. It’s things like this that cause us not to trust you. This one bill is enough for me to second guess giving you my vote. I understand you had “reservations” about signing this bill. I even understand that you signed it because it had a lot of great items in the bill. But this is one that you should have passed on.

The Fix:

Repeal that section of the bill, or the entire bill, then pass it again with out this section. The people are on your side. This is no time to play politics.

These are the worse things that
Obama has done. But he has done plenty of good. (check Obama: why we should vote him in a second time) I wrote this to show that no matter who you vote for there will be things that they do that will not seem right. Make sure you educated about who you vote for and don’t follow the crowd just because.


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