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January 18, 2012

Destiny vs. Freewill

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Lets first start off by defining both of these terms:

Destiny – A predetermined course of events often held to be an irresistible power or agency.

Freewill – The apparent human ability to make choices that are not externally determined.

Now as you can see these two simply cannot coexist. The Bible gives many examples of freewill but also gives us many examples of destiny or predestined things to happen. First I’m going to cover the destiny aspect.

I will first by saying that if we are all on a predestined path then God is a cruel and unjust God. It was already determined eons ago that I would write this blog, it was already determined that I would question the legitimacy of the Bible, if the Bible is the true word of God and accurate, then I was already predetermined to go to Hell for questioning God and not following his word. I had no choice in the matter. It was/is all part of Gods plan/will. That’s a load of shit. I’m going to be punished for something that I had no control over. I’m doing exactly as God planned and yet I will still be punished. This is how I look at God’s plan. God set forth a plan of action from the moment he created the universe. He laid out several things that MUST happen before the return of his son to usher in the thousand years of peace. For these things to happen millions of little things must happen first. That’s where you and I come in at. Most of us play a small miniscule part in this plan, but a part that must be done for the plan to come to order. Not only must these parts be completed but they must be completed on an exact timeline to have the events occur when and how they are supposed to.  Now how many times have you done something no matter how small that went against your instincts? How many times have you said I don’t know why I didn’t follow my gut? I knew I should have turned right, I saw the stop sign but….. But I always do blank, why did I do blank this time? I would like to leave this section with the following 2 verses (in my opinion the best 2 verses) that shows we do not have freewill.

2 Thessalonians 2:11-12

11And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:

12That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

Matthew 5:17-18

17 “Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them. 18 For truly I tell you, until heaven and earth disappear, not the smallest letter, not the least stroke of a pen, will by any means disappear from the Law until everything is accomplished.

Looking at these 2 verses it sure does seem like we don’t have a choice. God has his plan and nothing you can do will change that.

Now for freewill. We would all like to believe we have freewill. We have a choice on what we would like to do with our lives. I will say that if freewill is real then God cannot be as powerful as the Bible makes him out to be. The problem with freewill and God boils down one major problem. If God know all the choices we will be presented with and all the decisions we will make then technically it’s not freewill. It would be the semblance or illusion of freewill. In true freewill there would be no way to accurately say what would and would not happen. Sure you can make predictions but the accuracy will never be perfect. Gods plan falls apart. Person A now has the choice to interact with person B which causes a chain reaction in person C life that affects person D-P. What if person A decided to simply not make a particular comment that was in God’s plan. That one comment while meaningless to you or me could have meant life or death to this person. You gotta think about for a minute, For a plan as grandiose and far reaching as what God has, every little thing has to work and work at the precise time he needs it to work. Freewill does not fit into this equation.

I’m sure some of you will argue that you can chose what you do. Or say that freewill and destiny can and do work together. For things like this I like to take a quote from a movie I like, The Adjustment Bureau:

You have free will over which tooth paste you use, or which beverage to order at lunch. But humanity just isn’t mature enough to control the important things

Like I said this is not true freewill will. If there is a plan then that’s it your freewill is shot. If there is free will then the almighty God is not as powerful as the Bible would him out to be. Who knows my destiny could be to strengthen someone’s resolve in God and the bible by writing this blog, but by doing so I am sentencing myself to Hell because I am questioning God and his word. But in destiny I’m being punished for a crime I had no choice but to commit because it was part of the plan. In freewill I am choosing this path on the belief that the bible is not the sole authority on whether or not I go up or down.

And yes for you scientific people out there I will concede there is one possibility of destiny and freewill working together in perfect harmony. That is the “multi-verse theory.” This theory states that for every choice that we will ever be presented with a universe is created for all the other choices we did not choose. The major problem with this theory right now besides the fact that it cant be proven is that each universe is governed by destiny. God in his infinite knowledge knew every choice I would make and every other person in the history of the universe past, present, and future were going to make and created a universe for each and every choice. No for the problem, in at least half these universe I am sentenced to hell because I went with the plan of that universe. So in the Billion Billion Billion Billion universes a Billion Billion of me are going to Hell. That sucks.

What it boils down to in my opinion is we just don’t know. Some of believe in God and his book While people like me just believe in God while still others don’t believe in any God. This is not an question that we will get answered until we die. Hopefully I’m right.


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