Just the facts as I see it


I’m just a guy seeking truth and knowledge. I look for it everywhere and from everyone. You never know if it will come from a bum on the street or inside a fortune cookie. You will always know the truth when you hear it. You may not want to accept it, but deep down you know it’s the truth. Just remember, you can have knowledge without truth but you can never have truth without knowledge.

I love talking about politics and religion, therefore most of my blogs will be about these subjects.Feel free to comment but please be respectful. Just because you dont agree with my point of view does not mean you need to be an a**hole. If you disagree with me, present the facts and we can have a discussion, who knows you may beable to change my point of view. If all you want to do is argue then I will make it a point to just piss you off.


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