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April 28, 2014

Why are we still doing this today

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This is sad in this day and age. In a time where marriage equality and the basic rights that we as heterosexuals take for granted is being hard fought for (and won) in the courts, I can not say my view of the gay man or lesbian has changed much over the last 10yrs. Now before you try to tar and feather me for being insensitive let me explain. I used to be 200% against homosexuality. That has changed over the years. It has changed to the point that I now welcome same sex marriage and will support it just has hard as I support the fight against racism and sexism. But I’ve noticed over the last few years more and more gay characters on TV, and just like with the black community they all play the same stereotype (more on that in a later post). With men they are mostly¬†frilly, impeccably dressed, sex crazy, girly, effeminate, loud through my gayness in your face and you’ll like it types. In other words the primary type of gay man that most straight men hate. Whn I think of this type I cant help but to think of Miss Jay (I think thats his name) from Americas next top model as a real life version. Now I will admit that over years hollywood has toned down that image. But are shows like Queer eye for the straight guy really doing anything positive for your movement. Now we have (in my opinion) the most famous TV gay couple. Cam & Mitchell from Modern family. Sadly this is the bases that I and most other Straight Americans have to go off of for gay men. Both into the blatant stereotypes mentioned above with the exception of a few. How can you expect America to accept gay marriage when all you display the very type of gay man that scares most heterosexual men. This is all most of us have to go on. I cant say for sure I know any men who are gay. I have my suspicions about some but once again they are based off of what Hollywood has taught me. If you want us to accept you then show us the other side. Show us the office worker who is just like us, the guy that likes sports, beer, guys night out, normal man that just so happens to be gay.

Also just putting this out there dont fight for all of us to welcome you with open arms. I am sick and tired of being told that because I dont like the sight of 2 men kissing that I’m homophobic. I dont like that sight. I’m a straight man, there is nothing attractive about it. I want to gag when ever I see it. Does that make me wrong, No. Here’s why, Despite those feelings I want you to be able to get married. I want you to have all the same rights and privileges I have as a straight man. I just think its disgusting. That does not make me wrong, or homophobic. It makes me my own person. I dont like cauliflower but I dont discriminate against those that eat it. Same thing here. So stop trying to change that aspect. That will only serve to hurt you in the long run.


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