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February 21, 2012

“ObamaCare” – Why this is one great law.

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The affordable care act or as it has come to be know ObamaCare is a law the President Obama signed into law March 23 2010. This law will provide those who have no health insurence or can’t afford health insurence some form of insurence. Now this bill alone is note worthy. When this law was passed there was an estimated 46 million (46,000,000) people without health insurence with another estimated 36 million under insured. That’s 82 million people or almost 1/3 of the US population this law would directly help, but it doesn’t stop there.
This law also tells insurence companies that they have to accept people that have pre-exsisting conditions. (Why this part was not a law already I don’t know.) This law also states that women should not pay for birth control. (This has people all fired up.) Now what a lot of people don’t understand especially men, is many woman use the pill not only as a form of contraceptive but for a varity of reasons, like heavy bleeding and to reduce other symptoms of their periods.
Now to get into where this law will have a huge effect, the economy. It’s basic economics if you think about it. You have a total of 82 million people that can now go to the hospital/doctor without worry of breaking the bank. Most of these people will go at the first sign of trouble because they can and not wait till their knocking on deaths door. This will cause a healthier population. A healthier population is more productive. Also hospitals/doctors will see an influx of people coming in. This means that they will have to hire more doctors, nurses, x-ray techs, administration personal, janitors, etc. Because of the influx of paperwork coming into the insurence companies will have to hire more workers. Because more people will be going to the doctors the pharmaceutical industry will see an influx of medication being sold so they will have to hire more people. Now that we have hired thousands if not tens of thousands of people that are directly related to these 82 million people. These new hires will have jobs and be able to shop. Then places like Wal-mart, Target, Sears, etc will have to hire people to keep up with the demand. They will also have to order more product. That has to be made and shipped somehow and by someone. Not to mention that the elderly, the ones that have already seen just some of the effects of ObamaCare. Ask any elderly person that is currently on meds and they will tell you that their meds are cheaper. Guess what they do with that money? They pump it back into the economy. Notice all the talk lately about how there are more jobs? So whats wrong with this.

  • Healthier population.
  • More jobs.
  • Better economy

If this is Socialism then sign me up.


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