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February 15, 2012

The Religiously Stupid

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I will start this off by saying that I am against religion, all religion. But I’m not against a belief in God or even many Gods. I was raised in an episcopal family. I was an alter boy for 10yrs of my life. I have studied the Bible, Koran, and Torah. I even considered going into the ministry as a teenager.

I have encountered many religiously stupid people in my life. If you don’t know what a religiously stupid person is then let me explain. They come in many forms and religions and its almost like a disease. The ones your probably familiar with are the radical Muslims. This is the most severe form of R.S. (Religion Stupidity). These people are willing to kill themselves and many others for what they believe their God told them to do. But like I said they come in all shapes and sizes.

The easiest way to find one is try to have an open discussion about religion with someone. If they get pissed off because you keep stating provable facts or your beliefs that differ from theirs then your dealing with someone who suffers from R.S. There are many levels to this. This is the most common you will find, and they are not really that bad. Nobody like to have their beliefs challenged. But it does get worse, the nest level up is an inability to accept facts.

You tell your friend that you believe aliens do exist because of the vast countless amount of stars out there, its almost impossible that we are the only ones. They respond by telling you aliens cannot exist because God would have mentioned them in the bible. You respond by saying God didn’t mention the dinosaurs so does that mean they didn’t exist? Your friend at a lost  goes off on some tangent that inexplicably ends with you going to hell for even thinking that aliens exist and that your only trying to confuse them. This is a sufferer of R.S.
The next type is also very common , especially now a days. This is the one that wants to push their beliefs on you. These are the ones that get on all our nerves. I’m not talking about simply going door to door. Im talking about the ones that actually try and do make laws that suit their religious beliefs. If it is immoral in the bible then there should be a law against it. I believe gay marriage is wrong and goes against God. Ban it. I think abortion is murder because it goes against against Gods will. Ban it. These are the people that even though something is not affecting them, they need, they have to intervene and make life hard for everyone around them because they believe they are doing Gods will.

If you run into these people the best you can do is just ignore them. Don’t even give them the time of day. They are not worth your time and all you will do is give yourself a headache arguing with them. The people that are not even willing to look at facts, well there is no hope for them. Just save yourself the time and walk away.

This is why I don’t like or agree with religion. I understand the need to believe in a power greater then yourself but many people take it far. Too many people try to force their religious beliefs on others in one way or another. Religion as a whole has caused way to many deaths in the world and held back advancements for hundreds of years. Most people don’t mind that there are other religions hell many of them out right accept it and think its perfectly fine. That’s a good thing. But its the bad apples like Pat Robertson that ruin the whole thing.



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