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February 1, 2012

To my black brothers

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To my black brothers

First thing first, WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?!?!?!?! I am so sick of seeing you niggas fuck everything up. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not calling all you brothers niggas. If you need clarification then read further.

  • If you don’t have a job and your not looking for a job and your not interdependently wealthy then you is a nigga.
  • If you walking around boasting about how many baby momma’s you have then you is a nigga.
  • If you are not taking care of your kids then you is a nigga.
  • If you talk shit to or disrespecting women then you is a nigga.

There are many other examples. If you fall into any of these categories then you is a nigga and this is directed to you. You niggas get so pissed off when someone calls you a nigga, well guess what the truth hurts nigga. You dont want be a nigga? STOP ACTING LIKE ONE!!!!! Its niggas like you that are holding back the good black folk back. Now when I say good black folk I am not talking folks that go yes massa what can I get you massa? I’m talking about the black brother that gets up at 6am to go to work to support his family. I mean a real job not slanging. I’m talking about the black man that respects the woman  he is with and respects all women in general. Not the nigga out on the corner hollering “hey shortie, come her let me holla at you” No a real brother walks to the woman. A real brother will actually talk to a woman. A real brother will not call a woman a bitch, slut or whore. A real brother will not hit a woman.  But a nigga, a nigga will lie, cheat and steal. He will cheat on his girl/wife. He will disrespect women left and right. Instead of trying to do something anything to better his neighborhood and the biggest thing he can do is raise his child to be good upstanding human. My real brother will raise their kids properly. He will show his son how to be a man and how to raise a family.

You wonder why people look down at us. Its because you niggas are giving them a reason to. Your out there selling drugs, killing your own people. Its hard not to get a stereotype of a culture when thats all you see. I live in Phila, we have had 46 murders as of Feb 16th. Take a guess at how many were commented by a black man. I cant give you an exact number but it was  the majority. How is anyone supposed to take us seriously when shit like this happens. Not only that but it give the brothers who are actually trying to do something with there lives an almost insurmountable mountain to overcome. All your doing is setting back all the work done by MLK, Malcolm X, Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton.

All you want to do is bitch and moan there aint no jobs, but at the same time you aint qualified to do shit. You wanna sit there and bitch how the “man” is keeping me down but you cant do a damn thing except ask do you want fries with that. That isn’t the man keeping you down thats your own stupidity keeping you down. Do something with your life.

To my real brothers, keep up the good work. You are a shining example to all of us.


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